About Us

Kynsale works internationally with clients, and our consulting expertise enables our customers to design and improve the way they engage with their customers. As a result our clients are transforming Customer experiences, enhancing product and service delivery, and implementing improvements in the way they work.

Established in 2006, we provide Consulting expertise and innovative software solutions to enable our clients to be more effective both in the way they operate, and in the services and customer experiences they deliver.

Our work provides insight over customer engagement, and helps to prioritise areas of importance so that informed decisions can be made about change activities. We shape strategy, specify requirements, and redesign operations and customer engagement capabilities to deliver  improved ways of working. Our redesign work helps our clients to define and  implement changes that enhance product or service delivery, streamlines business operations, and optimises customer experience.

The connectivity between the Customer environment and the way the organisation actually works is a core discipline of our work. It is this approach that provides a robust understanding of the dependencies and impact of change that is essential in any redesign initiative. Our work enables our clients to make informed decisions, and provides an accelerated path to delivering change and realising the associated business benefits.

CE Capability Assessment Tools

Our CE capability assessment tools have been developed through numerous client engagements and provide diagnostic tools and frameworks that enable an organisation to achieve a rapid evaluation of their current customer engagement approach and operational capability. In addition they provide a best practice structure with which new capability can be aligned and enhanced, to meet the objectives of the organisation.

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