About Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement encompasses the activity of engagement, and how Customers engage with a company, a brand or each other. The initiative for engagement can be company led, or customer led, and takes place across all different types of contact channel.

The activities of Customer engagement are multi-faceted and often examined in the context of the stages that customers travel through as they interact with an organisation. This is often referred to as a Customer Engagement cycle, or Customer Journey.

In its broadest sense, the point of engagement or ‘touch point’ occurs any time a customer interacts with an organisation or brand. The activities that interact with the customer at this touch point should add value to the experience and relationship for the customer, and as a result they become more engaged.

A customer’s degree of engagement with a company or brand is strengthened by positive experiences. Organisations recognise that Customers have more choices than ever, and market and technology changes have continued to dilute Customer Loyalty. Customer Engagement, if carried out effectively has been proven to strengthen Customer Loyalty, and Customer Experience. It is in every organisations interest to optimise the way they engage and interact with their Customers across the Customer lifecycle.

In many instances, the challenge for an organisation is in being able to continue to improve its capability to engage effectively. By Redesigning Customer Engagement in a way that considers both the Customer aspects, and the way the organisation actually works (the operating model), it is possible to understand the dependencies and impact of change, and create a more effective way of working that strengthens Customer engagement. As a result an organisation can streamline business operations, and optimise the Customer experience in a tangible way that delivers improved financial performance.

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