Business & Service Redesign

We have extensive experience and a robust approach to business transformation and redesign. Our work provides understanding for our clients over Customer engagement activity, and helps them understand the operating model that underpins it. As a result they make informed decisions about improvements to service provision and operating practices that optimise the Customer experience.

We work with organisations to help them map and model their customer engagement and customer journeys. The maps align the Customer environment with the operating model components that underpin it. As a result this is used to facilitate the process of change and redesign, enabling an organisation to move from a 'current state' to a 'future state' way of working.

The maps and  insight can be used in different ways:

  • Design improvements in Customer engagement capability
  • Make informed decisions, considering both customer and business perspectives
  • Design improvements in activities, services and customer experience delivery
  • Design and specify requirements and capability for the operating model
  • Streamline business operations for more effective working practices
  • Improve engagement planning and performance measurement

We identify improvement areas, and help our clients prioritise focus, and then work to help them redesign the way they work to deliver enhancements in the way they engage and optimise the customer experience. Our approach helps organisations redesign business operations, service delivery and end to end customer experiences.

The connectivity between the Customer environment and the way the organisation actually works is a core discipline of our work. It is this approach that provides a robust understanding of the dependencies and impact of change that is essential in any redesign initiative. Our work enables our clients to make informed decisions, and  provides an accelerated path to delivering change.

We bridge IT, Enterprise architecture, the customer environment and business operations in developing a roadmap that considers the options available, the impact on both the customer and the business, and the associated benefits.

Operating Model Development

Our target operating model design expertise helps an organisation to design new ways of working, and to define the capabilities and requirements needed to improve the way they operate to support their customer engagement activity.

Target Operating Models

Kynsale has extensive experience in enterprise architecture and business redesign. We work with clients to define target-operating models that provide an operational blueprint that supports the future way of working

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