Customer engagement (CE) capability assessment tools

Kynsale provide CE capability assessment tools that have been developed through numerous client engagements. We provide diagnostic tools and operational frameworks that enable an organisation to achieve a rapid evaluation of their current customer engagement approach and operating capability.

Our tools provide a best practice structure with which new capability can be assessed, and then used to inform improvement activity and redesign.

The. assessment tools can be utilised independently or together depending on the requirement.

CE Capability model

The CE Capability model provides a framework which can be used to identify and align the appropriate business operational components, (process, technology, data and content etc) to the capability areas of the organisation. As a result, this provides an enterprise design view of the current capability model, it highlights gaps and identifies requirements, and provides a future state ‘objective’ view for the organisation.

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CE Diagnostic

Our Customer Engagement diagnostic tool provides an evaluation of current customer engagement capability , and compares it against an average Industry benchmark score, and a best practice benchmark score. It spans 12 capability areas, each of which are broken into 6 sub capability areas, providing a comprehensive assessment across 72 business and technology capabilities.

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CE Maturity Model

The CE Maturity model is used in conjunction with the CE diagnostic. The maturity model maps the results from the CE diagnostic into a maturity map, and overlays this this with the results needed to support the strategic objectives. As a result the maturity model highlights strengths and weaknesses, but crucially identifies the gaps needed to improve. This provides a maturity assessment and roadmap for development.

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CE Technology Assessment

The CE technology assessment is a specific technical evaluation, it covers applications, infrastructure, content and data etc and considers it in the context of current customer engagement , and future customer engagement requirements. It highlights suitability, and recommendations for improvement, and provides a risk and considerations perspective to aid decision making.

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CE Performance Assessment

Organisations seem to have plenty of data, metrics and performance statistics these days. Our CE Performance assessment evaluates the current metrics (both internal and external) and aligns them to the CE Engagement Map. This provides an assessment of suitability, and whether they are the most appropriate and meaningful measures for driving CE improvement. It provides recommendations for development and includes best practice benchmark examples used by other leading organisations.

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