Customer Engagement Mapping

Customer engagement maps focus on the touch points the organisation has with the customer, and the channels in which they occur. An engagement map then examines the specific engagement activity occurring at each point, and the effectiveness of it, both in isolation and in conjunction with other associated activity.

Critical to engagement is the understanding of data, content and technology enablers, and how they are used. It is often these aspects and the contact channel that will enable an organisations ability to implement effective engagement activities.

Customer Engagement Mapping Software

The Customer engagement map is at the core of much of our work and it enables an organisation to map and understand how they engage with their customers across all channels of contact, across each touch point, throughout the Customer lifecycle.

Shopper Engagement in Multi Channel Retail

Shopper marketing should be developed and managed as a strategic marketing capability in a way that fosters better alignment with other demand-generating capabilities. Kynsale transforms the ability of an organisation to significantly influence consumer purchasing behaviours, reward valuable behaviours and enhance customer advocacy – across channels.

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