Customer Engagement Strategy

Customer Engagement Strategy defines how an organisation engages with its customers. It encompasses the activity of engagement, and how Customers engage with a company, a brand or each other. We consider the different types of contact channel where Customer engagement takes place, and work with organisations to deliver insight and understanding that helps re-design a strategy and approach that meets the future needs of the organisation.

In its broadest sense, the point of engagement or ‘touch point’ occurs any time a customer interacts with an organisation or brand. The activities that interact with the customer at this touch point should add value to the experience and relationship for the customer, and as a result they become more engaged.

These days’ customers are demanding very different kinds of relationships with companies. Organisations are having to come to terms with the rapidly changing and evolving behaviour of consumers and business customers. These changes present significant organisational challenges, not least the fact that the critical moments of interaction between companies and customers are increasingly spread across different parts of the organisation, so responsibility for customer engagement and customer interaction is now more widely spread.

Many companies know they need to engage customers on a long-term basis, but to do this requires a strategy, commitment and capability to operate an effective approach to engaging different audiences across different channels in a cost-effective manner. The problem is that many companies simply don’t know where to begin.

We work with organisations to provide guidance and insight that enables them to make informed decisions. Our approach is flexible and scalable, allowing us to work effectively with an organisation regardless of their starting point or level of maturity. As a result organisations can quickly get started, get immediate value and continue to evolve the approach as they wish.

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