Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is an approach which helps organisations define, understand and improve the way the organisation interacts with its customers across a wide range of touch points. It can be used as a way of visualising the whole (end-to-end) journey that customers take when dealing with an organisation, or can be used to focus on specific areas of that journey, such as a particular stage, or service delivery area.

Customer Journey Maps help an organisations to understand what a customer really experiences when using their services. This helps organisations take a positive approach to delivering improvements in services and operations, it enhances customer engagement capability and enables them to drive operational efficiency.

As organisations evolve their service offerings and drive for improvements in Customer engagement and Customer experience, Customer Journey Mapping becomes an essential tool in enabling customer centric business transformation.

Customer Journey Maps identify the needs of customers at each stage of the journey. It helps all those in the organisation to understand what experience needs to be delivered, and what their personal and departmental contribution is at different stages of the journey. It also provides a clear view of the organisation from the customers perspective, cutting across functions and departments, putting the customer at the centre of a company’s activities and encouraging internal collaboration.

A Customer Journey Map can also play a key role in building and developing customer-centric cultures by creating a common ‘language’ and ‘way of thinking’ about the customer and customer experience. In essence the use of the CJM tool enables an organisation to focus resources on driving improvements in customer experience, customer engagement and wider customer oriented business change.

Kynsale provides consulting expertise, tools and software for customer journey mapping. Our solutions provide highly visual models over the Customer journey, the touch points and the essential information and insight at each touch point. We use highly creative visual models that link to a structured framework for aligning key information. As a result we create great vehicles for communicating and understanding the journey, but also in understanding the operational capability that underpins it.

We help organisations to understand the current position from the customer perspective and then to plan new and improved ways of working. The Customer journey map can highlight areas where re-design is required and enables informed decision making over the setting of priorities and plans for change.

CJM in the Private Sector

Customer journey mapping can be utilised to deliver improved insights on customer experience and behaviour. It can highlight areas of breakdown in strategy and approach, identify how operational improvements can be made to optimise the customer engagement and improve future service delivery.

CJM in the Public Sector

Across the public sector there is an increasing emphasis on designing services that put customer needs at the top of the agenda. Understanding the customer journey enables service improvements to be developed and also helps public sector organisations identify shared service and partnering opportunities.

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