Marketing Transformation

Marketing has evolved considerably with the emergence of more contact channels, social media and increased legislation over customer data and contact. Combine this with an explosion in marketing technologies and data analytics capabilities and its easy to understand how organisations can become overwhelmed with trying to cope with continuing change, and the demands made of them.

Organisations are re-evaluating the way they engage with customers across all channels , at each touch point and throughout each stage of the customer lifecycle, in order drive more effective engagement and customer experience activity. At the same time it presents an opportunity to re-assess more effective and efficient ways of working.

At Kynsale we work with organisations to bring clarity to this environment, enabling organisations to design and deliver more effective customer engagement, and to provide improved ways of measuring performance and proving returns in expenditure. It is this approach that supports the way organisations are looking to transform they way the market and engage with customers consistently.

Shopper Marketing – The Next Wave of Value

Shopper marketing should be developed and managed as a strategic marketing capability in a way that fosters better alignment with other demand-generating capabilities. Kynsale transforms the ability of an organisation to significantly influence consumer purchasing behaviours, reward valuable behaviours and enhance customer advocacy – across channels.

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Permissions Marketing – Quality Engagement

Organisations are recognising the value of having quality relationships with customers, and. the challenge is in being able to identify how best to persuade customers to grant a company permission to communicate with them. Permission marketing also changes how companies evaluate their marketing campaigns. In this environment what's important is how many consumers have given you permission to talk to them? How far does that permission go? and how are you going to engage and interact with them?

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