Sales Transformation

As organisations look to increase the effectiveness of their engagement activity, the transformation of the sales approach is often a key area of focus. Engagement activity in this area can take many forms, depending on the nature of the engagement channel, the communications type and business requirement. An organisation may focus on online sales activity, and the optimisation of shopper journeys across channels, or optimisation of checkout processes etc. Alternatively organisations may focus on traditional sales channels and the capability and effectiveness of the sales force.

We work in both B2B and B2C environments, and help organisations deliver improvements in the way they work and engage with customers to drive sales effectiveness and improved performance.

Sales Enablement - B2B

We work with organisations to enhance their approach to sales engagement, identifying areas where there are gaps in capability, and providing solutions and services to help them improve their customer interactions, and the effectiveness of the sales process.

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Sales Engagement Tools – B2B

We provide bespoke engagement tools to help organisations facilitate higher value conversations with their customers, and provide a more solution oriented approach to customer engagement. We focus on propositions and tools that can assist in the customer decision making cycle, and create added value in the relationship between the organisation and the customer.

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Multi Channel shopper journeys – B2C

Kynsale works with organisations to transform their ability to significantly influence consumer purchasing behaviours, reward valuable behaviours and enhance customer advocacy – across channels. This requires a fundamental understanding of the shopper journey and the way that existing activities, spend and performance are aligned to it.

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