Enabling Customer Oriented Change

Over the years a lot of attention has been paid to driving lean, efficient operations and taking the cost out of the business by outsourcing non-core operations. Much of this activity has been internally focussed.

As organisations continue to evolve, many are finding that whilst they have very lean business models, this has actually had a negative impact on the customer experience. The result is a negative impact on business performance. Customers defect to competitors, renewals and revenues decrease and customers spread their bad experiences.

It is a deep understanding the balance between efficient working practices and customer experience delivery that makes Kynsale a specialist in customer oriented business change. We have six sigma business transformation specialists and organisation design and Customer experience professionals working together in delivering pragmatic solutions for our customers.

We design target-operating models and help organisations make the transition to new ways of working. We help implement the supporting processes and enterprise architecture needed to underpin the new operational model. We help organisations improve and measure performance from both a business and customer perspective.

Best practice approaches, tools and methods and our innovative blueprints and solution for enabling customer oriented business change compliment our expertise.

Why not contact us to find out more about our solutions and how we can support your customer orientated business change.

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