CE Measurement Frameworks

Organisations that manage performance well focus on capturing and using information about actual performance at all levels of the organisation. It is in defining the 'measures that matter' and enabling visibility this information that enables an organisation to make informed decisions about improvements.

Outcomes can rarely be measured in terms of a single performance indicator, there is often need to identify a group of indicators that collectively provide a picture. In identifying the family of performance indicators, you can also establish relationships between them and with underlying operational data. This enables direct correlations to be made with performance, business operations and fiscal measures. This forms the measurement framework, which can be as simple or as sophisticated as required.

There is a constant debate about satisfaction vs. loyalty (ACSI v. NPS), neither of which cover the whole CE measurement needed if you wish to build a sustainable and evolving customer experience. Kynsale enables organisation to build configurable performance management frameworks that measure all aspects of the customer journey and defines the relationships and dependencies to business performance. This provides the ability to drive business improvement activity that positively impacts both customers and the bottom line

We provide expertise and solutions to define meaningful measurement frameworks for organisations and we enable the ongoing monitoring and reporting of information to enable business improvements to be made. We recognise that people need different information at different levels of the organisation and that there must be a range of business views appropriate for different business audiences. We work with organisations to define the framework, create the relationships and dependencies and then implement a reporting framework that engages all business audiences around a common measurement reference model.

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