Multi-Channel Communications

Communications are a critical aspect of effective customer engagement, and take place across multiple channels and different formats. In order to thrive, organisations must be able to adapt to new developments (such as Social media) and also improve the way they use and engage with customers across different channels. This requires a thorough understanding of how current communications are used at each touch point with the customer as well as understanding the technical and business dependencies that underpin the composition, delivery and management of multi-channel communications.

Kynsale have developed a communications mapping tool and methodology to help organisations understand how their current communications support customer engagement and customer experience delivery. The tool provides simple visual models using real data to show how communications are being used at every touch point. This enables the organisation to make informed decisions about changes in technical or business capability and to drive improvements in the approach to customer engagement.

If multi channel customer communications are not co-ordinated effectively, this can be expensive for the organisation financially, but it can also have a negative impact on the customer experience and relationship. As communication approaches evolves, there are many aspects of multi-channel communication that organisations may seek to improve,such as the design of communications; the efficiency of the delivery mechanism; the rationalisation of templates, or perhaps the ability to migrate or connect with customers across different channels. In order to prioritise improvement activity, and  to make informed decisions over investments in capability, an organisation must understand how communications are used to support their customer engagement activity across each and every touch point, throughout the lifecycle of the customer.

Kynsale’s communications mapping approach is invaluable in not only defining the current state , but also in designing future state scenarios and enabling redesign activities. We provide both consulting and software to help organisations deliver improvements in the way they interact and communicate with customers, and the design of business and technology capability needed to support it. Our approach to multi-channel communications mapping provides a common framework that can be utilised to develop understanding, gain insight and design improvements in Customer communications and engagement.

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