Process & Lean Comms Thinking

Supported by our innovative software solution Kynetic, our highly experienced consultants are able to apply Lean and Six Sigma best practice to review and re-design communications processes. This includes, end-to-end communications processes, operational processes and the management of business as usual and development activity.

Unlike operational processes the communications process covers the way messages are created, composed and delivered is often less visible and less understood. This relationship between operational processes and communications processes is essential in developing effective and lean approaches to customer communications management.

Lean organisations focus on meeting customer needs and implementing an on-going continuous service improvement culture. Fully embedding this culture in any organisation can be a significant task. However, the tools and techniques may be used very effectively as a short-term intervention for rapid service re-design and improvement. Our consultants are able to work with you at whatever stage you are at in your communications management development.

Our highly effective approach has been used in both the Public and Private sectors to enable a rapid analysis and re-design of communication and operational processes ensuring significant improvements and Return on Investment.

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