Communications management: Rapid Opportunity Assessment

Businesses want to deliver improvements that achieve financial savings. While they are focussed on the general business need, they may be unsure how or where they should start. There may be many options available and depending on business sector, drivers and objectives the starting point and approach may be very different.

Kynsale has developed a rapid opportunity assessment framework that enables us to work with businesses to quickly scope and evaluate business operations to identify areas of opportunity and 'quick wins'. These areas are usually substantiated with a high-level benefits analysis showing what could be achieved. This helps prioritise the areas of opportunity and define a plan with clear timelines and financial returns.

We recognise that to make the case for change, or gain business support and stakeholder buy-in, change initiatives have to demonstrate value. Our Rapid Opportunity Assessment Framework is an approach and toolset to quickly help organisations identify opportunities, prove value and prioritise focus, so that informed decisions can be made about future initiatives.

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