Psychcomms: Communication Design

Kynsale understands the power of effective communication and how it can influence the desired response form a customer. We help our clients to achieve this with their own messaging.

We utilise our cognitive science expertise to help shape and influence the design of communications and the content and messaging delivered within them. This involves not just the design and layout of communications but the actual content as well.

Kynsale is leading the inclusion of Cognitive science in the design and delivery of communications. We provide insights in customer behaviour and cognitive responses that enable highly effective multi-channel communications approaches and solutions to be designed and delivered. We utilise latest technologies, thinking and methods in assessing the impact of document design, content layout, content structure and wording.

We provide invaluable insights into how customers react to different types of communication. We show how customers view, think and act on communication. We assess what influences them both positively and negatively and demonstrate how customer communications design and content can be significantly tailored.

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