Print Batch Adhoc Interactive

Kynsale provide analysis, solution design and implementation services to organisations looking to optimise the way they engage and communicate with their customers via printed communications. Organisations vary in their operations and their reliance on paper-based communications, but printed communication is still a significant communication medium for many.

Print communications can take different forms:

Interactive Print communication requires an element of human touch to complete often matching customer data with structured forms and templates and uses business rules and customer responses to shape the final composition.

Batch Print communications are usually scheduled, consistently formatted and run in volumes such as statements, bills etc.

On demand Print communications are triggered by a request from any multi-channel input, driving a printed communication response. On demand may also be triggered by a human intervention, but does not require human interaction in its composition or completion.

Kynsale can unlock business value in these areas, helping organisations to realise significant business savings and benefits in the way they communicate with customers, and the way that printed communications composition, design and delivery processes are streamlined.

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