SMS & Email

Kynsale provide analysis, solution design and implementation services to organisations looking to optimise the way they engage and communicate with their customers via email and SMS.

Organisations utilise email in many different ways to engage and communicate with customers to support the various phases of a customer lifecycle. Companies are challenged in making their email communication a two-way channel enabling customers to respond or contact organisations via email, as well as just receive, an essential part of modern communications.

SMS has also become a popular channel for communications although organisations have struggled to find its 'sweet spot' in the Multi-Channel communication mix. SMS communications when applied correctly can be hugely effective and efficient in providing customer and enterprise communications capability direct to consumers at appropriate times. It is becoming increasingly important in customer support and customer service activities and a highly effective tool for communication.

Kynsale work with organisations internationally to design and deploy effective programmes that improve the email and SMS communications capability of organisations as part of a multi-channel communications approach.

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