Operating Model Development

Operating model development should not solely be the responsibility of IT or Enterprise architects. Effective Customer Engagement and Customer Experience design, has to align with an understanding of how the organisation actually works. We work with organisations to help them leverage existing knowledge and enhance it in a usable framework to make informed decisions about customer oriented business change.

The way an organisation plans its customer engagement activity must align to the way the organisation actually works, otherwise activities may end up being conducted in isolation or become disconnected. In this situation initiatives can struggle to gain business stakeholder support, and run an increased risk of being less effective and more costly to implement. In order to make effective business investment, the correct level of due diligence is needed to define what is required, and to assess the dependencies and implications of making any changes to customer engagement activity. The understanding over the connectivity between the customer activity, and the business operational components that support it, is essential

Our approach to operating model development links customer engagement and customer experience activity with the way the organisation operates, providing clarity over business processes, technology and enterprise architectures, data, content and information resources, people, roles and structure etc This approach establishes a common reference model for designing, implementing and managing customer oriented business change across the organisation

Kynsale have a long history in business transformation and design, and we have a robust approach supported by innovative tools that enable our work. Our approach can develop a Target Operating model to the required level of detail, enabling high level designs and assessments to be quickly defined, and then enabling this to be enhanced with more detail and definition where it’s needed. This provides a flexible and scalable approach, that quickly provides value for an organisation.

Target Operating Models

Kynsale has extensive experience in enterprise architecture and business redesign. We work with clients to define target-operating models that provide an operational blueprint that supports the future way of working

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